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Type of fishing

Catfish fishing

Catfish fishing

Technique of fishing in river :
the various techniques of fishing will be explained to you by your guide Matthieu and approached according to the moment and the season because of a constant variation of the water level and the current of the river, techniques of fishing are very varied according to fishing and the fishing spots.

The approached techniques will be : go fishing in the deep adrift by boat or upright, fishing in the buoy, as well as various baits.

The fight of the fish : the fights with the fish can take place off the edge or by boat, it would be preferable to fish for the wild and belligerent fish by boat for their respect, All the fish will be manipulated in the water or on mats, and big catfish released with the biggest care. Rivers are very wild and varied, inhabited by thousands of Dressenes, Crayfish, trunks of immersed trees, plentiful herbariums, you will be assisted by your guide Matthieu in a secure boat (Vests, buoy, case to secour) at disposal to assure our security.
Catfish fishing

Spaces catfish : variety of catfish

  • Albino catfish Remains very rare or too small population for the moment in our rivers of France, but it is possible to find into the Rhône.
  • Catfish is a fish can affect a size of 3 in 4m for 200kg in 300kg in Europe central. In France the biggest captured specimen measured 2m60 for 120kg. He reproduces from June untill July when the temperature of the water is 20°.

The catfish introduced summer more than 30 years ago to reduce the population of poissson of cat to France.

One friends and I fished for catfish for the first time in 1999 in Tarn. The catfish of size 2m02 for approximately 55kg, in the day with one rod carp 3lbs1/2 and a line resistance of 10kg. The fight in duration more than 20 minutes intense.

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catfish carp fishing holidays in France with a French fishing guide. Spend your fishing holiday in South of France for catfish and big carp in French rivers and lakes with all accomodation and guide included. Looking for sport fishing trips during modular and customizable holidays. Fishing on beautiful and wild sites in search of fish on the Tarn, but also in the neighboring rivers Lot, Aveyron and Garonne.
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