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Type of fishing

Chubb fishing

Variety chubb
Variety chubb
Variety chubb
Type of fishing : Chubb fishing

Spaces Chubb : Variety of chubb

  • Chub: On average these fish make a little more of 1kg for 50cm.
  • Spindle-shaped body with circular section, wide, big head fills, scale on all the body.
  • Omnivore: insects, mollusks, vegetables and fish for the subjects of more than 20 cms.
  • The chub at need for its reproduction of a superior monthly average temperature in 14°C. Period: in April in June.
  • He can ' cross with most of the cyprinidés.
  • Once fished, the chub is of use as charms for fishing the catfish, to the buoy or by boat adrift.

n°16 Variety chubb
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