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Variety crucian carp
Variety crucian carp
Variety crucian carp
Type of fishing : Crucian fishing
Spaces Crucian carp : Variety of crucian carp
  • Crucian carp : oval, more or less high Body according to the housing environment, compressed laterally.
  • The crucian looks like a small carp  but has no barb.
  • Dorsal fin on long, anal base on short base. Greenish brown back, yellowish brown stomach, reflections bronzed on sides.
  • On average 15 cms for 200g.Can affect 50 cms for 2kg.
  • Rivers and rivers with slow current, canals, lakes. Tolerate very weakly oxygenated waters.
  • It is nourishing on the bottom of plankton, benthos, larvas of insects. Very rustic, he can live in shady waters.
  • Mars in June. The reproduction is possible in any small puddles. Crosses with the carp.
  • Once fished, this fish is of use as charms for fishing  the catfish, to the buoy or adrift by boat.
  • The crucian carp is very to appreciate of catfish.

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